Installing remote xdebug with phpstorm

There are some reasons why you need to debug remotely. If your project has complex infrustructure. It will be difficult or time consuming to install all necessary environment. This tutorial shows how to install remote xdebug with phpStorm. Setting up remote xdedug parameters Add the following settings to xdebug.ini

Restart php


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Installing Nginx + PHP-FPM + MySQL on OS X

Setting up working environment is the first step you need to do. This will be your local web server for programming in OS X with PHP, Nginx and MySQL (also known as LEMP). Let’s make it as ease as possible 😉   What we will do Install xcode (for license) and brew package manager (as…

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How to install free SSL certificate on Nginx with StartSSL

First, we need issue SSL certificate. is a great way to install free signed SSL certifacate. So, let’s signed up on with browser authenticate. Then, go to control panel ( and click on Validations Wizard tab. Select Domain Validation option. Next, enter your domain name: You will be asked to verify your domain…

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