MySQL Normalization

Database normalization is a process of organizing fields and tables which reduces dependancy of data and redundancy.

There are 6 normal form. In most cases it’s only need 3 normal form to achieve normalization.

What normal forms are?

1NF (First Normal Form) Rules

  • Each table cell should contain a single value
  • Each record needs to be unique.

2NF (Second Normal Form) Rules

  • Be in 1NF
  • Single Column Primary Key

3NF (Third Normal Form) Rules

  • Be in 2NF
  • Has no transitive functional dependencies

Offcourse, there are pros and cons of using normalization.

Advantages of normalizing database are:

  • No duplicate entries
  • Saves storage space
  • Boasts the query performances.


  • More complicated queries because joins are required